Thank you Arcadia for the most wonderful decoration and bridal bouquet . You are the most urban, crazy and the most positive team in the world, who has the patience and understanding to make all our wishes come true. At the end it turned out even better than we had imagined. We strongly recommend Arkadia to all those who want something different and who want to be remembered for a long time,

Ivana and Zoran Milic, Belgrade

Dear Gabi,
I'm sending you some pictures from the wedding. If I got married again I wouldn’t change anything! :))
Thanks a lot for everything! We will always be happy to recommend you. Everything was just perfect and the cooperation with you was wonderful!
I love you so much!
Iva and Slavko Beleslin, Belgrade
Greetings to the entire team! : ****

Dear Gabi, Zoran, Lejla and all the wonderful Arkadia people. I wish you a Happy New Year lots of health, wealth, love and happiness as well as more success in your unique and exciting business. Even today we do remember the moments of our meetings ,planning and talks.
Lina and Scott now have 3- month -old son ... I remember Leila holding her youngest boy in her lap while working at full speed. Congratulations for her hard work and persistence.
We often remember you and it seems that all that happened 10 years ago and not only 2 years ago.
Great love keeps you together as well as your common goal to give each other moral support. Your professionalism together with smile and kindness is also unforgettable .
Your greeting card is great, the whole team's is glowing!
Thinking of you and gladly remembering you and knowing for sure that noone would have performed it like you did Gabi and your team ... We are still enchanted.
Hugs from Sasa and Dragan Ilic with others in the family, San Francisco

"Immensely thanks for all effort and energy you have invested.
Our wishes easily became reality with you...
and we know that it was not so easy :-)))
Special thanks to wonderful Gabi, without her advice and patience, we would not have had the wedding from a fairytale.
Dragan and Vladan Šebulov, Belgrade

We enjoyed working with Arcadia. Gabi and Zoki have made our wedding memorable and perfectly organized to the last detail. Thanks to you, our best day went exactly the way we dreamed of.
Nikita and Aleksandar Grgic, Belgrade

Dear Gabi, and the entire crew of Arcadia,
Thank you for:
nice word,
good mood,
great time,
fantastic food,
wonderful memories ...
Keep on creating serious stories while playing :)
Love you and support

Darius and Ivan Ljubic, Belgrade

I remember when we came in and presented the whole idea and the details. They could not believe that there were people like us. From the napkins to a particular wine ... We had ideas and desires, and they fulfilled all of them. We liked them from the very beginning because they were young, with the same energy as ours ... and they were patient and understanding for those of us who used to give them around 20 tasks every day.
And it was not easy ... We did not have much time, and we had a lot of wishes. We organized our wedding in Serbia, and we wanted the world class ... Every idea was expected to be realized according to our high standards ... We have been fascinated, because they behaved as if it was their own wedding! They complemented our suggestions, made details by hand and made arrangements defying all laws of nature ...
On that May 13, everything was shining. They were a part of our magical day, so organized and spontaneous as they hadn’t been involved in the detailed organization of space, flowers, food for months before... All worked flawlessly, and they have done so much for us that we totally relaxed and danced during our wedding ...
Another big thanks to Gabi, Lejla, Zoki and the whole Arcadia team!
Nadja & Pedja Zekavica, 2012 Canada

"Dear friends from Arkadia,
Once again We want to thank you for the great work you have done for us and made our wedding even more pleasant to us as well to our guests.
Cooperation with you in the event preparation was great, not only due to your professionalism, experience and expertise, but also because of the friendly and warm approach, together with understanding and genuine commitment to work out together the best solution. And - we did it.
Bojan and Kajoko "Japan

It was a great pleasure to work with professionals from the "Arkadia". All of our demands, great or small, were met, and the decorations and bouquets, without much explanation, were made just as we had imagined. Thank you for helping us to make our wedding a day to remember!

Jelena and Nikola Vujcic, Belgrade

Ljilja hi!
Would like to thank you for the magnificent work you and your team have done for us! The guests loved the setting and everything we did!
I have to say that you have exceeded our (the organization team) expectations by far! Everything looked so beautiful, especially the Newlyweds table! Our guests enjoyed our tree decoration and many were taking pictures of it .
Overall I think that everything we have planned worked perfectly visually and according to the atmosphere. The light path was a very very good addition to everything else.
I think that once we get the photos, I'll have another look at everything and will be amazed once again!
Thank you!

Maria and Co., 2012 Moscow

One surprising comment is that my wedding organizers have tried to match my wonderful decoration, so Zoki was wearing an orange tie with an orange shirt, which was awesome and original .. :)
And above all, an attitude which you had when we first met and the trust that you win, and all decorating ideas which showed us what you really can.
The responsibility which you have shown to keep all promises, which is very rare.
Your cheerful spirit and positive energy during our wedding organization, including the wedding itself.
The feeling that I don't have to worry, because you are there monitoring everything: the food, the guests, the atmosphere, and so on, even knowing where were my dancing shoes were when my feet hurt ... :)
In one word, you were my mom and dad on the most important day .. ;)
And, of course, the waiters in Smokvica who were great so all our guests have noticed how efficient and nice they were..... :)
Nesa and I have nothing but praise for our waiter who took care of us and reminded us to eat :) He noticed from a distance that I don`t have a glass of wine to toast our guests and although I didn't call for him, he immediately rushed to bring me one, he was so sweet. :)
And the food, mmmmm ... :) Many thanks to the chef who has followed my dad's instructions, which was not easy at all... :)))
In a word - quality par excellence.
We were more than satisfied with every part of our wedding ,with Sasa (both of them) ,the entire organization and with the people we worked with, the band and with the SMOKVICA restaurant, that sweet venue in a perfect location, away from the crowds, with lots of parking space ...
Well, I hope I helped a little ... :)
Ana and Nenad Čejić, Belgrade

Dear Arkadia
It is not enough just to say that we are delighted with the decoration. Everything was so beautiful! Perfect! Every detail was excellent! Even men have made comments (and that means something :)) Thank you for the responibility you have shown, good organization, patience, originality. I hope that we will see you again soon, at some even more beautiful events! ;) Best regards and a kiss!
Vesna and Koluvija Mile Radumilo, Belgrade

Dear Gabi and Zoran,
We are back from our honeymoon and we just wanted to thank you once again for everything. You really made our day special. We are more than satisfied and I can tell from our guests' comments that they are satisfied too.
I hope that we were not too hard for cooperation :)))
Best wishes to you and Kaca and Lejla and all the staff from the restaurant.
Mary and Mark Vujanic, Belgrade

Dear Arkadia :), we had such a nice time at our wedding with your beautiful, romantic and imaginative decorations that our and your positive energy has found a place on the official website of the restaurant Maestro! Once again, thank you for all .
Srdjan and Helen ♥, Belgrade

I'm definitely the kind of a bride who has planned her wedding day since I was four or five. Therefore, I can say that it was extremely important to me to fulfill the specific, well-thought moments and details and of course that everything goes well.

To sum up, we are delighted with our wedding. Our guests told us they had a wonderful time, and we believe them. If we must choose what was a key to our successful wedding, I'd say it was the fact that on that day we were both very relaxed and cheerful. Without it, everything else would not have worked. Since I am a perfectionist and know how to organize an event (which is one of the duties in my profession), I've had countless unusual requests . Having in mind the fact that this was for me, the most important event in my life, there was no way I could have been relaxed on that day if there hadn’t been a very professional team of people who took part in the organization of our wedding. Among them all, I would specially mention Gabriel and Lejla from the creative team of Arcadia.
From scheduling the wedding day (sometime in April 2012.) my first need was to read all the possible magazines, forums, blogs on weddings (including Vera Wang and blog that I continued to follow after ). Unfortunately, I soon became depressive at the thought that most of the ideas that I like can not be implemented in Serbia, or because they were far beyond my budget. However, with a large dose of creativity, with some compromise, and after some "brainstorming" meetings with Gabriel and Lejla, I realized that I can have the wedding of my dreams. It is extremely important that you share your ideas with somebody who has vast experience in organizing weddings because there are thousands of factors which you can not be aware of if you are not a professional in this field. For me it was very important that I had confidence in Gabrijela and Lejla that my ideas would be implemented in the best possible way. What I especially point out is the professionalism in communication, unfortunately, not always common in our country. Since the first meeting, and even after the wedding, I received a response to each email, message or call I sent Gabriela and Lejla. Gorgeous bouquets and candlesticks were tactically positioned so that the room looked luxurious and at the same time the photos with guests looked fantastic. Of the course everything was designed according to pre-defined colors: purple, blue, green.
I must admit that one of the wonderful moments of that day was in my parents’ apartment, when I came back from the hairdresser, still in jeans and T-shirt (with perfect hair and makeup) and helped dad to arrange 50 colorful balloons. At this point, Arkadia had already brought a bridal bouquet, groom flower, flower arrangement for the car and the one for the door. Somehow at that point I became aware that I am getting married. I could not take my eyes off that perfect bouquet has exceeded all my expectations. Still it is a detail that will be seen in most of the photos. One of the great suggestions from Gabrijela and Lejla was the idea that the complete floral decoration in the room (including newly weds table) should be in the form of a bouquet so all flowers could be taken home. So the most cheerful guests got beautiful bouquets at the end of the evening . My mom has been keeping beautiful hydrangeas that still look unchanged . I still haven’t found out when I should remove the wreath above my door. It's so nice that we do not want to take it off.

Katarina Petrovic and Aleksandar Urosevic, Belgrade

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